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The Working Bearded Collie Society
Our Email address:- info@workingbeardies.co.uk

A concise history

Necessity is the mother of invention - so they say.  So it was out of sheer frustration at being unable to register their Working Beardies that 5 enthusiastic owner/breeders decided to form the Working Bearded Collie Society.

It all happened during the Summer of 1999 at the first ''Shepherd's Meet'' in Langdale, Cumbria.  Since then members have met at the Stickle Barn for 2 days each September.  At present membership stands at 150+ and so far 600 + dogs/bitches and puppies have been registered, and many have gone abroad.

In August 2003 the Society held its first 'Scottish Meet' at Langburnshiels, near Hawick, which proved to be an ideal venue.  All who attended had a good time.  Besides working with cattle and sheep our Beardies enjoy Agility, Obedience, Flyball and Working Trials.  All this, as well as being great companions.  They are enthusiastic about everything they do and are good with children of all ages.  Wherever you live there is a Working Beardie near you.  Take the time to contact the owner to arrange to go and see them before you take on the challenge of owning a Working Beardie.
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